Aluminum Restoration

Restore, Renew and Protect

Al-New is a breakthrough aluminum restoration solution for all your home aluminum surface needs.

The Test: Swipe your fingers across questionable surfaces and if you have chaulk on your fingers, you need Al-New.

One Solution – Any Color
Not a paint. Designed to enhance any color

Sign Restoration

AL-NEW Aluminum restoration Solution… More than just aluminum!

Exterior Lights

Product removes oxidation ( Chalking) and seals surface for beauty and weather protection.

Exterior Lights - removes oxidation

Before and After

Garage Doors

Restores new brilliance to surfaces adding a new layer of protection.

Al-New Restore brilliance to garage doors

Before and After

Patio Doors

Cost effective solution to protect your largest investment.

Cost effective solution to protect Patio Doors

Before and After

Patent-pending formula.

Before and After

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Window Frames

Results are instant and dramatic.

Window Frame Before


Window Frame After


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Restore, Renew and Protect your aluminum windows, doors, garage doors and lights using   Al-New.