Erik’s Painting has been providing superior services since 1987. We add value to your home through the many services we make available.

What We Do

Exterior/Interior Painting

Exterior and interior painting trim, doors, garages, dry wall, crown molding and more.

Aluminum and Wood Restoration

Restore, renew and protect aluminum and wood restoration. 

Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Guards

Gutters and downspouts cleaning. Installation gutter guards and filters

Erik’s Painting Enterprises, Inc.

Who We Are
Erik’s Painting, Inc. and Barrington Gutter Cleaning help busy homeowners like you perform a variety of tasks around your home, freeing up your time to do more enjoyable things. We take pride in beautifying and adding value to your home.

What We Offer
Erik’s Painting specializes in exterior/ interior painting, carpentry, gutter cleaning, and miscellaneous home maintenance and repair.

Barrington Gutter Cleaning focuses primarily on the cleaning of residential and commercial gutters and downspouts, and the installation of gutter guards and filters.

What Differentiates Us From Others
The small things and the big things differentiate us from other companies.

  • Are you tired of getting an answering machine? We answer our phones. In the unlikely event you are transferred to voice mail, you will receive a prompt call back.
  • We use top-quality products and offer superb craftsmanship.
  • Our professionals ensure a neat work environment while on the job. Have you previously hired a painter, where you find that you have more work after they have painted, than before? From start to finish, we take pride in taking care of our customers’ homes.
  • Our goal is to be in and out of your home as quickly and carefully as possible, as to not inhibit your lifestyle and schedules.

Phone: 847.846.1539