Re-vitalize your Aluminum Clad Surfaces

Is your storefront or home looking its very best?
Or do your windows and frames need some TLC, maybe a total makeover?

Oxidized protective coating looks chalky and dull

Oxidized protective coating looks chalky and dull

You made the right choice with aluminum framing: long lasting, durable, corrosion resistant, low maintenance. Anodized surfaces hold up well under even the harshest environments.

Did you know?… Aluminum is very durable because when it oxidizes (rusts), unlike other metals it does not “rust through” and the rust does not flake off. Instead it grows a thin layer of Aluminum Oxide on it’s surface (called passivation) which prevents further corrosion.

Aluminum seals and protects itself! This process is such a great corrosion inhibiter, manufacturers enhance it in a process known as anodizing. Anodizing makes the protective layer thicker and allows the material to be dyed almost any color.

All good, except for one thing…over time this protective coating starts to look chalky and dulls from it’s original brilliant beautiful appearance. UV rays, weather, and temperature changes are the usual suspects. This may be your situation now and you wish you could make it look new again. So what options are available? There used to be three standard remedies:

  1. Cleaning — recommended to prevent panel edge staining, but it won’t restore your aluminum to it’s original beauty, nor keep it that way. It will still look dull and aged.
  2. Painting — can be expensive, and why cover that beautiful clean metallic look.
  3. Replacing — $30-50,000 of windows on the typical suburban home, need I say more?

Now there is a brand new option! – Restore and Protect !

re-vitalize your aluminum clad surfaces

re-vitalize your aluminum clad surfaces

like new aluminum window

Looks like new!

We can completely re-vitalize your aluminum clad surfaces to their original brilliance, for a fraction of the cost of replacement, and much less than painting. It will be: Corrosion-resistant, UV and mildew protected, maintenance-free, and looking it’s best, for up to 5 years (maybe even longer).

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